Production Services


We offer custom design

We work on the follwoing software:

Autodesk Inventor in 3D modelling Autodesk Vault for documentation management.

  • We offer custom design:
    • Pressure devices
    • Water and steam pipelines
    • Pressure tanks
    • Chain and screw conveyors
    • Platform and stairs systems

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It's easier with us!

  • Customer Service Department offers a wide scope of services: 
    • Layout drawings and visualisation of complete plant
    • Foundation drawings with guidelines for construction companies
    • Functional diagram
    • Animations
    • Project documentation
    • Mounting documentation
    • Project management
    • Mounting supervision
  • Technical Documentation Departmen is ready to help with: 
    • Preparation of final technical documentation for the plant.
    • Technical translations

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Professional back-up for you!

Weiss.Usługi projektowania rurociągów.
  • Our strengths:
    • Steam and water piping according to EN 13480 , with selection of armature and stress calculations in AutoPIPE software.
    • Air and flue gas ducts.
    • Pressure devices according to PED 97/23/EC and PED 2014/68/UE. Thermal and flow calculations for boilers and heat exchangers.
    • Complicated mechanical devices
    • Storage, distribution and transport systems for ash and solid fuel
    • Flue gas cleaning system
    • Stairs and catwalks for service and maintenance
    • Supporting structures according to Eurocodes
    • Pneumatic cleaning system for boilers and flue gas filters
    • Concrete combustion chambers and refractory
    • Thermal insulation for installation and devices according to EN 12241

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Including mounting.

  • Welding:
    • Carbon and stainless steel structures
    • Pressure devices
    • Pipelines
  • Production preparation:
    • 2D/3D Plasma cutting – steel plates
    • 2D/3D Thermal cutting – steel plates
    • Band-saw cutting – steel profiles, bars
    • Guillotine cutting – steel plates
    • Press brake bending – steel plates
    • Rolling – steel plates
    • Bending – pipes
    • Milling, turning on lathe, drilling
    • Baking – refractory bricks
    • Beveling – steel plates
    • Sanding – structures
    • Painting – structures
  • Mounting

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