Heat – District Heating

District heating  as the name indicates is a system that distributes heat, which is generated in a centralized location and used for commercial and residential needs such as space heating or water heating. The heat often is produced by plant burning fossil fuels. The growing focus on climate change is forcing a search for new sustainable solutions and in recent years biomass is becoming a new and efficient district heating fuel. District heating plants operating on biomass are highly efficient and provide excellent pollution control. Energy recovered from biomass fuels such as wood chips, straw or pellets substantially reduces CO2 emission into the atmosphere. Also incinerating biomass waste vastly helps reducing the demand for landfills.

Weiss district heating plants based on biomass combustion technology are state-of-the art designed and well tested turn-key solutions fitted to clients’ highest expectations.



Example flow chart 1

Small pellet boiler

Boiler size: 0,93 – 4 MW 

Fuel type: biomass fuel

Humidity in fuel max. 30%

Fuel consumption: 210 kg/h

Example flow chart 2

Biomass boiler plant

Boiler size: 10 – 20 MW 

System capacity:  28 MW

Fuel type: wood chips

Humidity in fuel max. 60 %

Example flow chart 3

Biomass boiler plant 15 MW

Boiler size: 15 MW

Fuel type: straw

Humidity in fuel max. 20 %