Heat & Power – District Heating

CHP or cogeneration technology enables simultaneous production of heat and electricity.  CHP producing energy locally gives the benefit of saving around 7% of the energy that normally would be lost throughout transmission and distribution process within national or local network. In regular energy production plant some energy is usually discarded as waste heat. Cogeneration enables to re-capture most of this thermal energy and use it for district heating or industrial processes. When used for local district heating systems ( i.e. popular in Scandinavian countries) the water temperature usally varies between 80-130°C. CHP plant is most suitable for local district schemes where low temperature (up to 90°C) hot water heating is required.



Example flow chart

Biomass boiler plant 30 MW

System size: 30 MW

Fuel type: wood chips

Humidity in fuel max. 60%

Fuel consumption: 10.000 kg/h

Pressure operation: 14 Bar

Design water temperature: 206°C

Efficiency: 131%

Electricity: 1,66MWe