Weiss ApS rebuilds a chip plant for a customer in the wood industry

Weiss ApS rebuilds a chip plant for a customer in the wood industry

The challenge:

The customer has a Linka boiler to heat the factory by burning wood chips from production. The customer’s chip silo is too small and its cone-shaped bottom is unsuitable for sawdust/shavings because the material bridges inside and cannot be fed out. In the summer, surplus chips are transported away in containers. In winter, it struggles to produce enough wood chips to heat the factory.

The solution:

It is decided to connect the boiler to the city’s district heating system so that heat can be exchanged both ways. Weiss ApS. Installing a new and larger silo, with a flat bottom and a Weiss NFU 600 outfeeder. In addition, a solution is designed for filling wood pellets during periods when not enough wood chips are produced for firing. Throughout the conversion phase, the customer borrows a mobile 3 MW oil boiler from Weiss. This is connected to the heating system until the district heating is connected.


The facility after reconstruction: The existing chain conveyor is now used, along with a new unloading station, to fill with wood pellets in the winter. The chip silo has double the capacity compared to before. With the new Weiss outfeeder, there are no longer any problems getting the material out of the silo and into the boiler. In the summer, surplus heat is fed into the local district heating network.