Weiss ApS CSR policy


CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility. Executing CSR is a way for the industries to acknowledge their social and societal responsibility. This can include minding the working- and environmental conditions of the employees, human rights or other social conditions.


Generally, CSR covers the efforts of a company within three different fields: Social, environmental and economical relations. This is also called the triple-bottom line (People, Planet and Profit).

Being a relatively small business in the local community of Mariager, it is important that the business is aware how the activities and actions of Weiss ApS has has consequences both internally in the company and externally in the local community, nationally and internationally.


Our business has a green profile, both internally but also in relation to our products being based on renewable energy.

In Weiss ApS, we acknowledge that social responsibility is a job that never ends, and therefore, we call our social responsibility our responsibility to the community.


As a part of the small- and mid-sized business in Denmark, and in spite of limited resources, we have full focus on the following areas within social responsibility:

- All our employees are thriving both at work and on leisure-time (Work Life Balance)

- Focus on environment, sustainability and renewable energy

- Human rights

- Supporting areas in our local community where the “sponsorship” has the broadest and deepest impact, Follow-up on and handling of suppliers and collaborators.