The ash auger type 220-W is used for ash extraction.

The auger transports the ash from the ash fall to an ash container or ash bin. The ash auger consists of an auger driven by a geared motor with a fixed speed, an auger tube ΓΈ 220 mm, equipped with an inlet and an outlet and a sealing bearing. The auger is specially designed for ash and is made with an extra strong auger winding.

At the outlet there is an inspection hatch which is fitted with a nut and which does not open during operation of the system. Ash auger type 220-W is available in 2 modules.

Type 220-W-1 is designed for an ash outlet from an NT retort/scrubbing grate SR-MC and an N-M multicyclone (the auger tube can be joined with an ash sluice).

Type 220-W-2 is designed to transport the ash from the 220-W-1 auger to an ash container (max length 6 m). The 2 modules can be assembled into a transport system.

Ash auger 220-W-2 can be positioned at an angle from 0 degrees to 180 degrees to the retort/grate (on both sides)