KPM 120/200/200 HD Gear

Outworms type NFU consist of two powerful augers. One auger is full length and reaches out to the silo wall. The second snail is relatively short. The outfeeder is placed in the middle of the silo and the augers rotate on their axis while slowly moving in a horizontal circular path around the silo.

The outfeeder includes a heavy duty gearbox on which the augers are mounted. The gearbox is driven by an electric motor and the horizontal circular movement in the silo is controlled by two separate geared motors via a gear rim.

The outrigger is made of heavy-duty sheet steel and is coated with a durable two-component lacquer. In the fastening plate of the outfeeder there is a small inspection hatch.

The augers are under the influence of a constant torque during their circular movement around the silo, which ensures a smooth material flow. The circular movement also ensures a uniform emptying of the silo and minimizes the risk of bridging. The augers pull the material towards the center of the outfeeder and it is then discharged for further transportation.

Order key:

When ordering, indicate the type of outlet; specify the voltage and mains frequency and the silo diameter.

Necessary accessories: safety switch and electrical control

Optional equipment: mounting frame for embedding.