The auger is designed to transport fine-grained material (13x13x13 mm) with a maximum moisture content of 35%. The material shall be biomaterial suitable for this type of snail handling. The transport auger can be attached to, for example, outfeeders type NFF-NFU or stoker.

The conveyor auger is direct drive, where the connection between the auger and the geared motor is assembled with a chain coupling. The auger conveyor can be designed with variable speed, which ensures material transportation in appropriate quantities per unit of time. The material flow is set by adjusting the frequency of the motor.

Where the screw conveyor is used in connection with stoker plants, the material is often conveyed through an angle head. The screw conveyor is designed with inlet and outlet. A micro switch with a sensor can be mounted on the outlet, which will be activated if the auger is overfilled. A cleaning gate is also placed in the outlet at the end of the auger.