We are specialized in providing service, spare parts, total solutions and energy optimizations on Weiss waste and biomass energy plants.

Welcome to Weiss ApS - a part of Linka Group

For over 92 years, Weiss has specialized in delivering customized and CO2 neutral energy plants and smaller CHP plants.

Weiss plants convert various fuels into renewable energy in the form of heat, electricity production or process energy. We are experts in servicing these energy systems with a focus on Know How, operational experience with proven, reliable and profitable solutions.

Weiss has delivered more than 1,000 energy plants worldwide with a strong focus on customized turnkey solutions and with competent employees with extensive knowledge of Weiss biomass energy plants.

These are the values Weiss ApS lives up to through focusing on the customer’s energy system, reliability, efficiency and low costs.

Weiss ApS offers:

  • Profitable and turnkey service solutions.
  • 360 degree servicing of energy plants using biomass, industrial residues and waste.
  • Large spare parts stock with OEM spare parts for fast delivery.
  • Original documentation and history of each energy installation.
  • Experienced, competent staff with extensive knowledge of Weiss energy systems, plants and components.
  • A wide range of partners and suppliers with high competences and know-how on Weiss installed energy systems.

WEISS realizes quality throughout the value chain!


Customer satisfaction remains the key word for Weiss ApS Service. We will strive to be the ideal partner and achieve customer satisfaction through quality at every stage of the value chain.

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