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Welcome to Weiss ApS - Part of Linka Group

We specialize in delivering service, spare parts, overall solutions and energy optimizations on Weiss’ waste- and biomass energy plants.

For more than 92 years, Weiss has specialized in in delivering custom-designed and CO2 neutral energy plants and small CHP-stations. Our facilities convert different forms of fuel to renewable energy in the form of heat, electricity or process energy. We are specialists in servicing those energy systems, with focus on know-how and operational experience with thoroughly tested, reliable and profitable solutions.

Weiss has delivered more than 1.000 energy plants worldwide. We focus on custom-designed, turnkey solutions, and our competent employees have great knowledge about Weiss´ biomass energy plants.


Those are the values that Weiss ApS live up to through focusing on the customer’s energy plant, Operational safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Weiss ApS offers:

- Profitable and turnkey service solutions

- 360-degree servicing of energy plants using biomass, residual products from the industry and waste

- Large store of spare parts with OEM spare parts for fast delivery

- Original documentation and history on every energy plant

- Experienced and competent employees with broad knowledge about Weiss’ energy systems, plants and components

- A wide range of partners and suppliers with great competencies and know-how of Weiss’ installed energy plants


Weiss realizes quality all through the value chain

Customer Satisfaction becomes a Keyword For Weiss ApS Service. We will strive to be the ideal partner and exceed our customer's expectations at all levels.

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Linka Energy is a specialist in the Development, design and Construction of fully automated biomass plants from 2,5—15 MW. The primary fuel types are straw, wood chips and wood pellets, but also more exotic fuels can be used.

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Weiss is an advisory and executive service company specializing in servicing, supplying spare parts, advising district heating plants and other customers. Larger plants components are also produced and systems are optimized.

Jernforsen develops and installs biomass plants from 4—35 MW, with a highly developed technology in combusting biomass waste (including waste wood and other types of biomass waste) and ”wet” fuels.

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