WEISS’ own steel silo is produced in a wide selection and variations to fulfil our customers’ special silo demands.

Multi Cyclone

WEISS designs and manufactures the multi cyclones used for the combustion plants. They are individually designed to each project by our project and design department.


Stokers are designed for infeed of solid and dry fuels, i.e. saw dust, shavings and pellets. If briquettes shall be combusted, heavy-duty stokers can be supplied.

Outfeed Systems

Screw out-feeder is used for automatic emptying of the circular silos with flat bottoms. The NFU out-feeder is used for feeding out fine-grained material of maximum particles size of 13x13x13 mm and containing no foreign matter. The material used cannot cause corrosion; hence, its maximum moisture content cannot exceed 35% of its specific gravity.

Transporting Systems

Screw conveyors in tray/housing can be supplied to nearly all types of fuel.


The unique WEISS straw combustion plant is based on among other factors our transporting and handling system for big straw bales (600 kg Heston bales).

Hydraulic Push Feeder

For major combustion plants fired with chips, bark or similar solid fuels a hydraulic push rod is used for the infeed.

Horizontal Combustiongrate

The stationary grate is used for combustion of dry wood waste and chips, sawdust and similar fuels for water contents of max. 25 %.

Movable Combustion Grate

The movable combustion grate is used for both dry and moist fuels. For dry fuels the grate is used in case of major plant outputs or difficult fuel types such as straw, husks and grain.


WEISS boilers are specified, designed and produced in close cooperation with an experienced boiler produced in accordance with WEISS’ long experience within a large spectrum of bio fuels.

Flue Gas Washer

WEISS has developed and designed a special flue gas condensing system.

Flue Gas Filter

The flue gas filter is used for separation of solid particles in the flue gas. Particle filters must be used if the particles cannot condensate.

Ash Worm

Ash worm type 220-W is used for emptying the ashes. The worm transports ashes from an ash chute to an ash container or ash bin.

Original Weiss Grate Bars/Spare parts

Weiss OEM-suppliers is chosen by several different criteria. Among other things they need to be certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Transport Worm Screw T220T

The transport worm screw is designed for transportation of fine grained material (13x13x13 mm) of maximum 35 % moisture.

Transport Worm Screw TS250

Transport worm screw TS - 250 is used for transport of chips and shavings from the out-feeding system into, for example, a stoker.

KPM 100/200/200HD Gear

Screw out-feeder is used for automatic emptying of the circular silos with flat bottoms.

Expansion Tank

Weiss expansion system is mainly used in connection with big heating plants and district heating plants.

Original Weiss Filter Bags

FLUEGAS- FILTERBAGS Based on a dialog with you, the filterbags are developed and produced to fit your specific Fluegas-filterinstallation and operating conditions, so that the filtration becomes both filtration and energy effective as well as environmentally friendly.

Lime Pulse 200

Pulse 200 is a dosing station for bulk materials. Lime is a main bulk good intended for the device.


A XAR Spark Absorber from Weiss separates the sparks and larger particles before it reaches the filter, with only 25% of the normal pressure loss.

Portable Biomass Discharge Container

Rebuilt portable standard container for wire- and hook lift.


The control of a WEISS combustion plant has always had high-priority. For that reason we have ourselves always specified the operating parameters that our plants shall observe.


WEISS has a wide range of complementary components to offer our customers the best possible output of their plants.

Complete Wood chip feeder system

A single receiver funnel, for receiving wood chip, fitted with a hydraulic discharge to the dispensing container in the bottom.