The silo consists of 8 vertical composite modules. Transport width of each module is around 2480mm and length can be up to 12m, depending on customer needs.

Silo modules are made from 3mm or 4mm sandblasted, primed and lacquered steel sheets. Connections between slabs are reinforced with a U-shaped steel profile.

The inspection door is located on the upper part of the silo. The lower part of the module is equipped with an access door to the bottom of the silo. Another access door leads to an area below the bottom of the silo.

The silo is equipped with a ladder and railings.

The roof of the silo is built of a total of 3 roof panels made of 3mm steel plates and welded on reinforced steel profiles. The construction of the roof of the silo is designed to support a silo filter or cyclone. In the center there is a flange, covered with blind plates, through which fuel can be supplied.

The surfaces of the silo are corrosion protected and painted.

The bottom of the silo is mounted 2000mm or 2200mm from the foundation.

The silo is used for storage of dry, comminuted material grain size of max.13x13x13mm.

The weight of the unit shall be max. 250kg/m3 and the friction angle shall be 25˚ (degrees).

The silo is equipped with explosion areas and an additional sprinkler system connected by a coupling, so that a quick connection between the coupling and an external fire engine or fire protection can be established.