Weiss ApS CSR policy

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility. CSR is a way for business to take social and societal responsibility. For example, by taking into account employees’ working, environmental and climate conditions, human rights and other social conditions.

Broadly speaking, CSR covers companies’ efforts to achieve sustainability in the following three areas: social, environmental and economic. This is also known as the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit).

As a workplace in the local area of Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality, it is important for us to focus on how Weiss ApS’s activities have an impact – both internally in the company and on the local community, nationally and internationally.

We are a company with a green profile, both internally, but also in relation to our renewable energy products.

We at Weiss ApS recognize that Social Responsibility is a task that never ends and in Weiss ApS CSR is therefore called Corporate Social Responsibility.


As an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise), despite limited resources, we are fully focused on the following areas of Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Ensuring the well-being of all employees, both at work and in their free time (Work Life Balance).
  • Focus on Environment, Sustainability and Renewable Energy.
  • Human rights.
  • To support areas in the local community where the “sponsorship” has the broadest and deepest “Impact”.
  • Follow-up and management of suppliers and partners.