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Weiss Service

Customer satisfaction will always be the key words to WEISS ApS After sales & Service. We strive to exceed expectations on all levels of interaction with our clients. Process optimization, Technical assessments, Service and Service agreements plus a hands-on with environmental standards make WEISS A the ideal choice for improving and maintaining biomass and Waste fired combustion and energy recovery systems.


Our service concept


Biomass and Waste fired boiler plants need to be continuously monitored, maintained and serviced to perform consistently at their best throughout their life cycle. Variations in fuel type and its quality often challenge the operation and can lead to loss in efficiency and output resulting in higher operating costs. Our experienced and highly skilled service team undertakes a wide range of activities in the field accompanied by a strong support function in WEISS ApS.

-Regular plant inspections
-Planned maintenance
-Technical Assessments and proposals for optimizing plants
-Conversion projects
-Service Agreements
-Emission measurements
-Ultrasonic measurements
-Sale of spare parts and components
-Training of personnel

-Download HERE our Service Brochure with all details.


A service contract with Weiss gives you, as a customer of an energy plant the following:

At Weiss we want to offer you the best possible service, and therefore, we have custom service solutions for your individual energy plant, so we can attend to what you and we in collaboration find of value for your needs:

- Service at a known price range

- Appointed service from bill/quote

- Individual solutions adjusted for your needs

- Possibility for use of own resources

- Status report on the plant

- Spare part service, fast delivery

- 24/7/360 emergency line

- Support and consulting

- Access to Weiss’ competent collaborating partners and suppliers


The advantages of a Service contract with Weiss is a clear agreement on what we expect of each other, and the services delivered by Weiss are clearly defined, both on competence level, but also with access to professional consulting, pricing and availability on the following vital areas of the operation of your plant:

- Collaboration with competent product specialists and possibility to make use of their data and experience

- Flexibility – with the opportunity to make use of own resources in the process

- Coordinating service activities from the first meeting all the way until after the assignment has been completed

- Adequate reporting of completed service with suggestions for optimization of the whole energy plant

- Correct transferring of new technical knowledge and corrected data

- Warranty on the work completed

- Use of original spare- and wearing parts from the original documentation

- Optimal conditions for optimizing availability and life-span

Systematic service and preventative maintenance are crucial key action areas when focusing on operational security and proper business economics.


- Known financial consequences/budgets

- Planned interruptions of operation/ minimizing damage

- Optimizing plants and efficiency

- Optimizing the life span of components.


Please contact one of our competent service teams to receive a quote for a service contract, which ensures you the most safety in operating your biomass or waste disposal plant. or waste disposal plant.