About us

Visions and objectives

It is Weiss ApS vision to be an attractive partner and supplier of service, OEM equipment, spare parts and optimization solutions to all customers with a biomass and waste-to-energy plant.

We achieve this by

  • Be flexible and adaptable.
  • Be service-oriented, expand and develop the services to our customers with an energy installation.
  • Continuously developing the skills and training of Weiss employees through a good working environment.
  • Be a responsible company in the local area, towards suppliers, partners and customers.
  • Use competent and quality-conscious partners and suppliers.

Weiss is a consulting and executing service company specializing in servicing, supplying spare parts, advising district and combined heat and power, as well as customized energy plants in large parts of Europe, but with a focus on the Nordic region as the largest market. Weiss operates in the intersection between the supply of service / spare parts, manufacturing of major plant components, Plant Up-grade, consulting, plant optimization.

The competent team at Weiss is ready to take on the next task. Services and projects are carried out with great expertise and many years of experience. All tasks are solved with the individual customer in focus, so that the optimal solution is created. For Weiss, mutual cooperation with customers is the most important thing in all aspects.

At Weiss, we are also happy to use our competencies in related areas, so call Weiss when you have challenges or just want to talk about opportunities or initiatives for optimizations.

Daily life at Weiss is often hectic. But even though we are busy, we have fun. There is always a free and humorous atmosphere in the office.

The free, informal and humorous atmosphere is one of the reasons why cooperation across the company works so well. We pull together and always help each other out in a pinch. You are never alone with a challenge, which also benefits customers, through well thought-out and innovative solutions developed in a multidisciplinary way within the company.

Core values

The values of a company are reflected in all day-to-day decisions, from how we deal with tasks and customers, to how we work together within the company and how we treat each other and others. It is a benchmark for what the company does and stands for and these foundations are created through the involvement of employees in all processes.


Is international – We understand cultural differences and see the opportunities within them.

Collaboration – both towards and with customers, but also internally across the organization.

Development – A company that keeps up, values knowledge sharing with opportunities for professional and personal development.

Responsibility – Responsibility is part of the freedom to do your best.

Interesting workplace – Created by exciting tasks, good colleagues, humor, joy and flexibility.

Quality conscious – To exercise due diligence and never compromise on quality.

Credibility – is a self-evident, yet continuously reiterated set of values.

Precise – To respect agreements and schedules

Agile – Agile is an expression of great flexibility and the ability of the company and its employees to move and evolve according to customers and market trends.

Linka Energy specializes in the development, design and construction of fully automated biomass plants from 250 kW – 15 MW. The main fuel types are straw, wood chips and wood pellets, but more exotic fuels can also be used.

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Weiss is a consulting and execution service company specializing in servicing, supplying spare parts, advising district and combined heat and power plants and other customers. Work is also carried out on the manufacture of major plant components and plant optimization.

Jernforsen, develops and installs biomass plants from 4 – 35 MW, and has strong competencies in burning biomass waste (including recycled wood and other biomass waste types) as well as “wet” fuels.

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