Visioner og Mål

Visions and goals


At Weiss ApS, we have a vision to be an attractive cooperating partner and supplier of service, OEM-equipment, spare parts and optimization solutions for all costumers with a biomass- and waste derived energy plant.


We do this by:

- Being flexible and prepared for changes

- Being service oriented, extend and develop the services for our customers with an energy plant

- Continually extend our competences and educating our employees through a great work environment

- Being a responsible business both in our local community, to suppliers, collaborators and our customers

- Make use of competent and discerning collaborating partners and suppliers


Weiss is a consulting and executing service company, specializing in servicing, delivering spare parts, consulting district- and CHP heating plants and custom-built energy plants in most of Europe. Yet, our focus is on Scandinavia, which is also our biggest market. Weiss operates in the cross field of delivering service/ spare parts, producing large plant components, Plant Up-grade, consulting and plant optimizing.


Weiss’ competent team are ready to take on the next assignment. Service assignments and projects are completed with great expertise and many years of experience. All assignments are completed with focus on the individual customer, to make sure that we create the best-possible solution. To Weiss, the mutual collaboration with the customers is the most important aspect of our work.

At Weiss, we are also ready to use our competencies in fields related to ours, so do not hesitate to call us, if you have a challenging task, or if you just need some to spar with about possible additions or optimizations.


The everyday life at Weiss is often busy. However, even though we are busy, we still have fun. We always have a free and open jargon at the office.

The free, informal and open jargon contributes to our great collaboration across the company. We pull together and we always help each other if any of our co-workers has a problem or is alone with a challenge. This is also beneficial to our customers, because the well-thought through and innovative solutions are created cross-disciplinary in the company.