The stoker provides for the feeding of combustion material in appropriate quantities per unit of time. The amount of combustion material is controlled by the rotation speed of the stoker augers, which is regulated by frequency converters that follow the load step of the boiler.

The dosing container above the stoker augers is equipped with 2 level sensors that ensure the correct material level.

The dosage level can be regulated within certain limits. However, efforts should be made to ensure that the regulation is set so that the transport system before the stoker has the fewest possible starts/stops.

The stoker has 2 fire safety devices:

1. The airlock prevents false air from entering the auger system and thus reduces the risk of backfiring.

2. The water valve (sprinkler system), which is thermally controlled, provides for the injection of water into the auger tube if the temperature in the tube exceeds the preset 95 °C.