Weiss ApS rebuilds a chip plant for a customer in the wood industry


The customer's chip silo was too small and its cone-shaped bottom was unsuitable for sawdust/shavings. In the summer, excess chips are hauled away in containers. In winter, it struggles to produce enough wood chips to heat the factory.

Weiss came up with a solution.

Read more here: https://www.energy-supply.dk/announcement/view/670714/weiss_aps_ombygger_spananlaeg_for_kunde_i_traeindustrien


New hire at Weiss

We are pleased to welcome our new service employee, Torben Carlsen
Torben is a trained blacksmith and has experience in stainless steel. He is service-minded and has had extensive customer contact in previous positions.

At Linka Group, we prioritize our great service to customers in all segments, and in order to maintain our high standards, we need more hands, so we are excited to have Torben join the team.

As a Service Technician, Torben will be part of our experienced Field Team and will service customers in Denmark and abroad, and he has started full speed ahead on a major upgrade in the Netherlands

Welcome Torben, we look forward to working with you.

Summer tradition

Here at Weiss/Linka, it has become a tradition that Weiss sponsors a hot dog cart to send the good employees on summer vacation.

In both companies, we have had a great first half-year in 2023, and this is especially thanks to the skilled and committed employees we have.

So thank you all for your efforts, enjoy a well-deserved vacation where the focus is on relaxing, spending time with family, good friends and making memories that last.

Kennet Iversen

Summer greetings from Weiss

Weiss wishes everyone a wonderful summer.
We are open all summer and can be contacted
on tel: 96 52 04 44 during daytime hours,
and on our emergency phone outside normal working hours
Phone: +45 30 98 35 60


Weiss is looking for a new employee

Technical Engineer / Weiss Aps

Are you motivated by technical challenges?

Are you passionate about biomass and boiler technology?

Do you want a versatile workday with plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself?

For Weiss ApS, Elite Rekruttering is looking for a Technical Engineer - preferably with knowledge of Autodesk Inventor (or SolidWorks) and boiler systems.

read more here: https://eliterekruttering.dk/technical-engineer-weiss-aps/